Frequently Asked Questions

Victoria Harradine

Is the glitter safe to use on the skin? 
Before use one must always consult with their Doctor as different people react to different things! If you have some allergies, especially to do with makeup, cosmetics or plastics it is crucial you investigate whether this is suitable for your skin. Jazzy Glitter will not be held responsible for any reactions that occur due to a customer not taking due care, and not consulting their doctor before use.

Is this craft glitter or cosmetic glitter? 
This is not craft glitter, it is poly glitter and cosmetic glitter. Craft glitter is made up of metal or glass, while our glitters are poly based and are insoluble in water.

Is the glitter eye-safe?
People often get confused about the meaning of 'eye-safe', only ultra fine cosmetic glitters are deemed completely eye-safe by the FDA. Any chunky glitters are not. If you get our glitters in your eye, they shouldn't scratch the eye as they are poly glitters not craft glitters- however it will of course irritate your eye (just as getting anything in your eye irritates it) and should be removed as quickly as possible. 

How do I stick the glitter to my skin?
Simply apply Vaseline to the skin and dab the glitter on top. For a longer lasting effect use eyelash glue as the base.

Do you sell glitters in bulk quantities/wholesale?
Currently I don't, but might in the future.

Can you create custom glitters for me?
Potentially! However this needs to be ordered a long time in advance.

How long till you dispatch my items?
In off-peak times normally within 3 working days. However in peak-times such as festival season, sometimes up to a week until an order is dispatched.

What are shipping times like?
On AVERAGE once dispatched:
U.K. 1-2 working days.
Europe 3-7 working days.
America/surrounding areas 5-9 working days.
Australia/surrounding areas 7-10 working days.

My order has taken longer than this to arrive, where is it?
The above times are average arrival times and especially with international orders sometimes it can take longer. It is out of my hands once it has been shipped. I recommend that ALL international orders get tracked shipping.

My order never arrived, what do I do now?
As stated above, I recommend all international orders get tracked shipping. I am not responsible for any items that get lost in the mail, I retain proof of postage slips for all orders. If you merely choose standard international mail, sometimes things can get lost and you will not get a refund for your order.

Do you accept returns?
Due to the nature of glitters being used on the skin, I cannot accept returns at this time.

Can I cancel my order if you haven't shipped it yet?