Glitter Angel Set (100 glitters)

Jazzy Glitter

Regular price £175.00
Glitter Angel Set (100 glitters)

This set is called the Glitter Angel Set.

In this set you get to choose any 100 loose glitters I sell on my site for a total of £175. Averaging each pot at £1.75 each! 

When you make a purchase attach a note to your order saying which 80 glitters you would like.

Please only choose glitters which are in stock! This set is meant for people who want a wide variety of different glitters so the maximum quantity of a certain glitter you can get is 4. Please don't ask for 10 types of one glitter for example. This set does not include gels.

If you are are interested in buying in wholesale or to resell jazzy glitter in your own shop please email me instead!

Each pot is 5ml and weighs around 3g. 

Before use please read our FAQs and disclaimer to see whether this glitter is suitable for you! 

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